EXPO_visuals_A4.inddIf you are interested in portrait photography, and would like to learn more, then why not take part in one of our fantastic one-day crash-courses on studio lighting?

Our workshops have been carefully developed to suit ANY level of enthusiast photographers wanting to get stuck into studio portrait photography. They are intense and extremely informative, covering many aspect of portrait, fashion, beauty and art-nude photography.

You will be shown various lighting techniques used in portrait, beauty, fashion & art-nude photography. Using various light modifiers, like umbrellas, soft boxes & reflectors, you will be able to see how they affect your image in different ways, and learn to use them to your advantage.

You will be working face to face with one of our professional models, and will be able to keep all your images for your own portfolio.

And the best thing is, that you don’t need ANY previous experience of studio lighting photography! As long as you have your DSLR camera which can be used in manual mode, you’ll be set! But even if you don’t have one – we can provide you with a camera to use during the workshop, so you can join in the fun and create some fabulous pictures to take home with you!

Our next studio lighting workshop! It will be taking place on Saturday, the 29 of June – and the places are now available to buy on-line at: www.dimitriwaltersphotography.co.uk/studio-lighting-workshop/

If you would like to find out more, you can catch us at the EXPO Pulborough exhibition at the Pulborough Village Hall on the 1st of June, where we’ll be offering 20% discounts for our next workshop.   It’s a FREE entry, so don’t miss this great opportunity to talk to us face to face, and get a limited time discount at the same time!

Below are some examples from our previous workshop with the beautiful model Fiona York.

Workshop - 002

Workshop - 008

Workshop - 003

Workshop - 005

Workshop - 006